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"Until I discovered cooking, I was never really interested in anything."

~ Julia Child


From a young age, Polish Prince Pierogi owner Doug Drozdowski desired to be artistic and creative. Early on, he found his creative outlet cooking with his grandmothers who taught him the family tradition of cooking Polish cuisine. Doug became fascinated with food and how ingredients could be combined and cooked in different ways to create unique flavors and textures. Most importantly, he learned his family’s traditions and have passed this experience onto his children.


Life happens, and you do what you think you are supposed to do, not what you may be meant to do!  Ten years ago while working in finance, Doug went to culinary school to start his journey to where he is today.  He and his caring and patient wife raised a family, continued on with their “normal” careers while he cooked on the side for family, friends and co-workers any chance he had.  The whole time he had a crazy idea that other people would really enjoy his unique pierogi too. 


Doug has been cultivating this idea for while, researching, testing and producing a large variety of flavors of pierogi.  He believes, thanks to his family’s secret dough recipe combined with creative cooking that you will not taste a better, more unique pierogi.