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Polish Prince Pierogi serves handcrafted, gourmet pierogi made with owner Doug Drozdowski’s grandmother's 100-year-old secret dough recipe from Krakow, Poland. Our pierogi features traditional Polish fillings as well as modern creations, each uniquely pinched by hand.

“When you receive food that is made by hand you receive the energy of the person who made it.”

~ Norman Van Aken, No Experience Necessary 

(We highly recommend this book for chefs, foodies, and fans of the

restaurant industry alike.) 



At Polish Prince Pierogi, we believe making pierogi is a craft and that each dumpling should be rolled, cut, stuffed, and pinched by hand.  This is the way it was done by Doug's grandmothers in the past, and the way we continue to do it today. Our pierogi are all folded into the traditional semicircle shape, but if you look close you will notice every single one is slightly unique.  


While we think the dough is what makes Polish Prince's pierogi stand out from the rest, the fillings need to be just as delicious. Of course, our menu features all of the traditional Polish flavors you would expect, but we also have created a host of more modern, gourmet-style fillings, too. 

When creating a new variety of pierogi, the first question we ask ourselves is, "Could this filling stand alone as a dish at a restaurant?" To ensure our pierogi meets the high bar we set for the food we serve and eat ourselves, we use only the highest quality ingredients, and never add preservatives or unnecessary chemicals to extend shelf life or change the natural taste or texture of the ingredients.